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6 Tips for Success When Working With a Recruiter

March 27, 2020 0 Comments

Working together with a recruiter as a team is vital to help you land a lucrative career in the medical industry. They have the expertise, resources and networking connections to make the process easier and successful. As the candidate, in order to tap into those resources fostering a positive professional relationship with your recruiter can help.

Get the most out of recruiting with these 6 smart tips.

1. Set goals

First, sit down and think about your ideal career- and that doesn’t just mean the money. What type of workplace culture do you mesh with? Do you have a few favorite companies? Is there a job you’ve always dreamed of having? When you know what you want, it helps set the foundation for your recruiter and shows initiative.

2. Start with an interview

Meaning, don’t jump to it with the first recruiter you meet. You’ll be working together, getting in depth about your work history and goals, so you’ll want to talk to a number of recruiters to find the one that is compatible and trustworthy.

3. Be considerate

How you present yourself is highly important. Being punctual, respectful, communicative and following through are all qualities that recruiters take note of, because employers look for those qualities too.

4. Be open and honest

Don’t be afraid to spill the details about your work history- the good and the bad. Recruiters have more ammo to help find the right job match for you. As well, make sure to tell your recruiter the jobs you’ve already applied for, so they don’t waste time by applying to those same jobs. 

5. Ask for feedback

The priority for any job search is to land a job, obviously, but use this opportunity to also learn from your recruiter. Don’t be afraid of constructive criticism- ask for feedback and guidance. 

6. Referrals

Jump into networking to boost your reputation as a candidate and keep your presence known by offering up quality referrals to your recruiter. Perhaps a job doesn’t work out for you, but it sounds perfect for a friend of yours- make the connection. Your recruiter will appreciate it!


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